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PSD Training Kit

Everything you need to train your dog  to be your Psychiatric Service Dog.  

Included is the Training Your Psychiatric Service Dog book, cushioned pad for training DPT, Recordable Sound Button, a target stick, 1 Toggle Light Switch, 1 Push Light Switch, 3 scent tins, 100 cotton pads and 3 spot markers.

You might need a few more items in your training journey like boxes and small tables, zip lock bags, marker pens and labels, but they are cheap and easily found.

What's In the Kit

Recordable Sound Button

Sound Buttons are used to teach a dog how hard to "touch" a human in order to impinge and make the human aware of the alert. And for the Hearing Assistance Dog, to teach different household sounds to alert to.

Marker Spots

Marker Spots are used in training a dog where to alert to, whether it's the target human or another human such as an adult if the target human is a child.

Bolster for DPT and Grounding Training

Bolster are needed for 2 reasons.  One, to train the dog to lay down on weird surfaces and not be afraid when it's time to lay down on you.  Two, to indicate where to lay down on you during early stages.  And three, as armor to protect sensitive areas on your body during the initial training of DPT

Toggle Light Switch

Turning on and off the lights is a great task for those with PTSD or other panic disorders.

Target Stick

A target stick is used to teach a dog "where" to alert and to familiarize a dog with all parts of a human that can be alerted on.

Flat Switch for lights

Turning on and off the lights is a great task for those with PTSD or other panic disorders.ebsites using this framework.

Scent Tins

Yes, scent can be used with psychiatric disorders.  Just do your swabbing after or have a friend or family member swab sweat during an event.  Then use the tin to put the scent in when training your dog.

Your Psychiatric Service Dog

This book will guide your through all the games we play at Access To Service to create a PSD.  

Purchase Your Kit

Contact us if you want bulk purchase prices.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for your book and kit to arrive. They may arrive separately.

1 Kits $65 Each

We ship via medium flat rate box at the rate of $14.35.  Sales tax is computed at 7%.. Total is $73.90

Just The Book $45.75 includes shipping and sales tax.

Training Your Psychiatric Service Dog combines all the games and exercises for training your dog, how to get a persistant alert and how to Troubleshoot when things don't go the way you think they should be going.  You also get all the games and exercises for evaluating a dog for it's potential as a service dog.  For PSD tasking there are games for turning lights on and off, how to search a room or house for strangers, Deep Pressure Therapy and lots more

Just the Kit $35.75 includes shipping and sales tax.

Just the Kit includes 1 target stick, 3 scent tins, 3 spot markers, 1 recordable sound button, bolster for teaching DPT, and two types of light switches.

The Full Kit, The Book and ONLINE Access to the class.

Choosing this gives you everything. You get the Your Psychiatric Servie Dog, all the items in the Kit and complete access to me online in the Brains, Bones and Behavior Academy.

Includes everything and shipping and taxes.